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History of Vanna Whitewall

Manufactured in the 1960s in Venice, California, "Miss Uniroyal" arrived at our location in May of 1968 as a grand opening promotion. She was stored at our location until Uniroyal needed her at another grand opening. Due to the years of wear and tear on her body, Uniroyal decided to change to their present mascot, Bengal "Tiger Paws" Tiger. Plaza Tire acquired Vanna Whitewall in 1971. She is 17 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 450lbs. Her measurements are 108-72-108, three times the perfect woman's (36-24-26). She is sporting a true 1960s Paige boy hairstyle.

We celebrated our 20th anniversary in 1988. For the big event, we had Miss Uniroyal's body restored and repainted, and we renamed her Vanna Whitewall. Finding a local body shop that could take on a job of that size was a task in itself. We needed someone who could work with fiberglass and get her inside their building and close the door at night. We got lucky—D's Paint and Body Shop in Peoria Heights, Illinois, had it all, including a local cosmetologist to blend the colors for facial paint, hair, and nails. After her makeover, she was returned to our store, and we placed her on top of a wooden planter because some folks had a tendency to back into her legs when leaving our parking lot. She has been questioned in the theft of the missing Aunt Jane's six foot Kosher dill pickle, and asked to move to California to reside with Joor the Muffler Man.

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